How to Purchase from Dragana Jevtovic Ceramics

Please browse the website’s various product categories to view the vast selection of Dragana Jevtovic ceramics, pottery and crockery on offer.

To receive a quote on the items you would like designed, simply add them to your “Quote Cart”, fill in your details and then checkout.

We are a small studio and deal personally with each order. Within 24 hours we will get back to you with a quote in either ZAR, US$, GB£ or € (depending in which part of the world you reside).

We will also supply a quote for shipping and handling and give you a choice of either airmail or surface mail delivery.

If you wish to continue with the order, email your acceptance, giving your preferred shipping method (surface or air) and we will provide you with bank or PayPal details for payment. You may also modify your order at this stage.

At your request we will supply you with a full price list for all our products. No order is too big or too small.

We do not have a warehouse full of stock. It’s probable that your items will be made especially for you.

We are happy to correspond via email with our customers, and if necessary, discuss your order on the phone.

All pieces available in each range:

  • Mug tall large
  • Mug tall smaller
  • Mug African
  • Mug round
  • Dinner plate (32cm)
  • Side plate (22cm)
  • Cake plate (19cm)
  • Pasta bowl (28cm)
  • Dessert bowl (21cm)
  • Muesli bowl (19cm)
  • Fruit bowl (34cm)
  • Salad bowl small (22cm)
  • Salad bowl medium (29cm)
  • Salad bowl large (34cm)
  • Very large bowl (46cm)
  • Very Large round platter (46cm)
  • Large Round Platter (44cm)
  • Oval platter (53cm)
  • Garlic loaf platter (51cm)
  • Triangular plate small (18cm)
  • Triangular plate large (33cm)
  • Square Platter (30cm)
  • Square plate medium (26cm)
  • Square plate small (19cm)
  • Square plate mini (15cm)
  • Sushi plate large (server) (30cm)
  • Sushi plate medium (23cm)
  • Sushi plate small (19cm)
  • Tea pot 6 cups
  • Tea pot 2 cups
  • Milk jug tall
  • Milk jug regular
  • Milk jug small
  • Cup and saucer espresso
  • Cup and saucer regular
  • Cup and saucer large breakfast
  • Salt and pepper set interlock
  • Salt and pepper set round
  • Salad dressing bottle
  • Tall lamp
  • Big fat lamp
  • Various small round, square and rectangular dishes
  • Persian Plate Large (32cm)
  • Persian Plate Medium (29cm)
  • Persian Side Plate (21cm)
  • Egg Cup


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