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The following pieces are available in each range:

  • Mug tall large
  • Mug tall smaller
  • Mug African
  • Mug round
  • Dinner plate (32cm)
  • Side plate (22cm)
  • Cake plate (19cm)
  • Pasta bowl (28cm)
  • Dessert bowl (21cm)
  • Muesli bowl (19cm)
  • Fruit bowl (34cm)
  • Salad bowl small (22cm)
  • Salad bowl medium (29cm)
  • Salad bowl large (34cm)
  • Very large bowl (46cm)
  • Very Large round platter (46cm)
  • Large Round Platter (44cm)
  • Oval platter (53cm)
  • Garlic loaf platter (51cm)
  • Triangular plate small (18cm)
  • Triangular plate large (33cm)
  • Square Platter (30cm)
  • Square plate medium (26cm)
  • Square plate small (19cm)
  • Square plate mini (15cm)
  • Sushi plate large (server) (30cm)
  • Sushi plate medium (23cm)
  • Sushi plate small (19cm)
  • Tea pot 6 cups
  • Tea pot 2 cups
  • Milk jug tall
  • Milk jug regular
  • Milk jug small
  • Cup and saucer espresso
  • Cup and saucer regular
  • Cup and saucer large breakfast
  • Salt and pepper set interlock
  • Salt and pepper set round
  • Salad dressing bottle
  • Tall lamp
  • Big fat lamp
  • Various small round, square and rectangular dishes
  • Persian Plate Large (32cm)
  • Persian Plate Medium (29cm)
  • Persian Side Plate (21cm)
  • Egg Cup
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